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Say Thank You

​Nurse managers say that meaningful recognition can help make an impact and address challenges.


Research shows that formal recognition can:

improve nurse retention and decrease staffing shortages.


create a healthier and more 
productive work environment.


positively impact the quality of patient care.


play a role in addressing compassion fatigue by decreasing burnout.



Simple Yet Impactful Acts of Gratitude 


Write a "Thank You" Note
Thank your nurse managers with personal, hand-written notes sharing how essential they are to the team.


Leverage Existing Professional Development Programs
Ensure nurse managers are aware of and can easily access opportunities available, like those offered by AONL.


Host a 15-minute Get-together 
Gather small groups safely for casual get-togethers to share gratitude for all your nurse managers.


Leverage Regional & Local Awards Programs
Nominate nurse managers for local awards, like the Great 100, or add
DAISY Nurse Leader Award to your existing DAISY recognition program.


Host a Listening Session
Spend time with your nurse managers and provide them with a forum to share feedback and ideas as a group.


Offer Closer Parking
Provide nurse managers with parking spaces close to their workplace as a small but impactful gesture.
Acts of Gratitude

Electronic Thank-you Cards

You can send a personal or group-signed digital card to thank your nurse managers for their compassionate leadership and care and to brighten their day. We have provided free websites to use, as well as an editable Beyond Gratitude themed card that you can update by creating a free Canva account.

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A Few  Suggested Platforms

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