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Join us as we go

Join us as we go

Join us as we go

and pay tribute to nurse managers


With heartfelt gratitude and meaningful recognition, let's show nurse managers everywhere that

We See You.
We Hear You.
Thank You!

Nurse managers bring together the exceptional patient care of nurses and the mission of health care organizations.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated and created new challenges for these essential leaders. Today, 1 in 3 nurse managers report they are not emotionally healthy, according to recent AONL impact studies


That is why the AONL Foundation, The DAISY Foundation and our partners – Careismatic Brands and symplr – have a robust outreach initiative underway to bring awareness to the heart, body and soul that nurse managers put into their work each day. We invite you to join us as we go Beyond Gratitude to pay tribute to nurse managers for all they do.


Join Us As We Go Beyond Gratitude

Here are a few ways you can provide meaningful recognition to nurse managers for all they do.

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From Simple, Yet Impactful, Gestures "thank you" cards, emails, and "high fives"

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To Awards Nominations

...for honors such as the DAISY Nurse Leader Award

We invite you to share photos or videos of nurse managers that we can use as we celebrate the heart, body and soul that nurse managers pour into each day.

Say Thank You

​Nurse managers say that meaningful recognition can help make an impact and address challenges. Research shows that formal recognition can:

improve nurse retention and decrease staffing shortages.


create a healthier and more 
productive work environment.


positively impact the quality of patient care.


play a role in addressing compassion fatigue by decreasing burnout.


Say Thank You
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